This is the place where I talk about myself…

Let me start with the obvious (and to those it’s not obvious, at least you will have a mental picture of me)… I love chicken and probably KFC is the world’s best place for me anytime. There I’ve said it!

I am also a son, a brother, a husband, a friend, and above all a follower of Jesus Christ.

This blog was started with the intent of being a placeholder for my thoughts and that’s what it is. I will write about anything on my mind and needless to say will not write anything that I don’t have on my mind… and also in the scenario there is way too much on my mind then too I will not be writing anything which will explain the long periods of absence.

Surprisingly (even to me) there seem to be a lot of people who apparently like to read what I write about (I am very appreciative of all you guys).

I hope you will find something useful or encouraging from time to time and will visit back often.

Rajiv's Blog

Rajiv’s Blog