6 years ago

Are You An Addict?


There are different kinds of addicts one runs into. Addictions for different things exist. Before I rededicated myself to the Lord Jesus Christ, I was an addict too, not to many things, but yes definitely an addict.

What or who is an addict? Now I know people who have wives who are overbearing and will call their husbands on the dot every hour just to find out where they are and what are they up to? I have even found them charging to their spouse’s workplace and business meetings just to keep tabs on them. I know parents and in particular mothers who are overbearing too. They just have to keep a tab on their kids (especially their sons). They end up at school, college, the workplace and even end up in their son’s marriage just because they want to be in control of their child’s life. It’s the same with fathers and daughters too. Now don’t get me wrong, but this is not addiction. This is overbearing behavior even bordering on paranoia, but addiction it’s not. I also know parents and spouses who are indifferent and just don’t care. All they are interested are in the benefits and the money the spouse or the child provides, but they don’t really love their spouse or child (yes such parents too exist in today’s world). To me personally the first set of spouses and parents are the lesser of two evils. I would personally choose to have a possessive and an overbearing spouse and parents than have an uncaring spouse or parents. But neither is an addiction. In both cases its negative emotions that are at play, either paranoid or overbearing, or just plain uncaring, but either way emotions that are no good and very much in the negative.

Addicted To The Internet

Addiction on the other hand has positive emotions. It may be so that the addiction has negative effects on your body (smoking, drinking), finances, family (gambling, shopping), just time being wasted (movies, TV), but while partaking in the addiction the person will be happy and charged up in fact. There are also positives to some addictions. For some work is an addiction and overall it will only help them to achieve more in their career. A hard worker is any day better than an employee who does not work. I know this since I’m a manager and have to manage such people day in and day out. However, delving into addiction and its pros and cons is something I have started doing only recently. I have only recently decided that I’m myself addicted to the internet and spend as much time online as possible. I have also found that I have an addiction to a couple of forums where I again spend a lot of my time on such a forum being the first in answering questions, even repetitive and redundant questions that are asked time and again. It was only recently that I had to take stock and see how much time I spent online and how much of it really was profitable or useful and right. I started off by breaking the habit and have stopped spending as much time online. I have instead started investing my time in prayer and yes lots and lots of prayer. I have also found that I’m still able to get the same amount of work done online, but of course in a shorter span of time. Instead of answering each and every query as and when it’s posted on the forum, I’m instead answering all of them in two sessions once in the morning and once in the evening. I check my mail too during this time and then once done, I don’t go anywhere near the system again. This way I’m not being any less profitable or doing any less amount of work. In fact I’m doing the same amount of work but in a lot lesser time. The free time I have available on hand is being put to much better use like in prayer.

What is your addiction and how are you going to cut down on it? In what other ways are you going to profit yourself with the additional free time that’s spent away from your addiction?


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