7 years ago

Are You In Trouble Or Having Problems That Will Not Go Away?

Don’t get me wrong! I am not stating that we should not have any problems whatsoever. In fact even the Bible does not talk about such a utopian world or experience, but however, the Bible does talk of a solution for all of your problems and His name is Jesus.

I for one refuse to live with problems that will not go away or problems that seemingly have no solution in sight. If you are having such a problem in your life that just won’t go away and there appears to be no solution in sight then there is only one person who is responsible for this problem and can be blamed for it and that person is YOU! Now don’t begin to tell me I don’t know what your problem is, how tough it is, and how difficult things are around you. In fact this is precisely the problem. The problem with problems is that we make a mountain of a molehill and spend all the time in the world magnifying it and telling all and sundry and even God Himself how big the problem is, but I have learnt never to tell God how big the problem is, but to rather tell the problem how big my God is.

Now think about this for a minute. We serve an almighty God, who is limitless, to whom nothing is impossible, who loves you so much that He will not deny you anything and in fact did not even deny His only begotten Son and sent Him to die for you, and you want to tell me He does not care for you and cannot fix your problems for you.

Now that I have gotten your attention, let’s begin by finding the solution to your problem. Do you ask God to help you with fixing the problem? Now I don’t mean thinking God help me, things are so bad, when will I ever get out of this mess, are things ever going to change in my life, etc. I don’t mean any of this since all we do by this is keep complaining to God and telling Him how bad things are in our life (as if the all knowing God does not know) and keep telling Him how big our problem is, when it should be the opposite of our problem knowing how big our God is. What I really mean by asking God to help fix your problem is do you ask God to fix it in prayer. James in James 4:2 said "we have not because we ask not” and I have found that to be true. People just don’t ask God, but rather choose to complain or think about the problem all the time instead of just spending 5 minutes in prayer asking God to help out when that is all it takes for the Creator of the Universe to step in and fix the problem.

Do you Ask, Seek, and Knock? Matthew 7:7 says "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” and this is talking about persistence in your prayer life. Unless you are persistent in your prayers, you cannot really expect answers to come in always. Ask, Seek, and Knock means to keep chipping away till you find what you are looking for. Develop an attitude of persistence in your prayer life.

Do you pray in the Spirit i.e. pray in tongues? Romans 8:26 says “In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.” I have found many times we don’t get an answer or a solution to the problem since we don’t even know ourselves what the problem really is. In such situations God has given us the help of the Holy Spirit to help us pray right and help us identify the problem and what really needs to be prayed.

If you are really interested in finding a solution to your problem and want to get out of the trouble you find yourself in, then read this article again and again till it gets inside of you and you start living it out in your life. Once you start putting these principles into practice you will find that you have no more problems in your life since you are now connected to the One with all the solutions and He is ever ready to fix all of your problems for you.


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Rose - 6 years ago

I think your article is very well written and insightful. However, I have been asking God in prayer to fix a problem for the past six years. The problem has never been resolved. I asked, but it wasn't given to me; I sought, but I didn't find; I knocked, and nobody answered the door. I just wonder why God let this problem persist. I am a good person, and I am faithful to The Lord. I am actually beginning to doubt God's existence as a result of this unresolved issue.

Rajiv - 6 years ago


One of the first things you have to settle for yourself is that the fault or mistake or whatever is wrong lies only with us or with the enemy, but never with God. You cannot hold God responsible or even think that He has failed you since that is like calling God a liar and moving out of faith and once that happens then answers to prayers will go for a toss. Even the Word of God specifically says “Let God be true and every man a liar.” Once you settle that God and His Word are true and never fail then you are ready to move into the miraculous and the supernatural and receive anwers and deliverance from whatever it is you are looking…

Sunday - 4 years ago

Father of hope can never forsake us as His chidren. God have purpose for everything in life it might be that, that is not the rite time for what you ar looking for, and He said my way is not your way, nd my tought is not your tought. And sin can cost the delay you just flash back and try to ask for His mercy, i strongly believe this time He will listing to you.. God bless you.

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