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Are You Offended Easily?

Recently I met a girl I’ve known for many, many years at church but we had drifted apart the last few years or so and not been in touch. The first thing she said looking at me was “you’ve become so fat”, no hi or hello, or how are you? Now I’m not one to take offense easily but this put me out a bit, however, I’ve learned offense is one big weapon the devil uses against you so I’ve learnt to not get offended so easily or to carry or keep any grudges. In fact if you make sure of two things in your walk with God then it will be smooth sailing all the way. I’m sure you want to know what those two things are so I will get on them right away. The first is obedience, yes obey God immediately even if you don’t understand it. The second is forgiveness, forgive anybody and everybody of anything and everything. In fact God’s Word makes it very clear, if you have a gift for God or are even at His altar and yet have anything against your brother, put the gift down and go and make up with your brother and only then come back to God or else God will not even receive you with bitterness or unforgiveness in your heart.

I Am Offended

I want you to understand that taking offense hurts you the most. Getting offended is not wrong, in fact most times it’s the other person who is wrong and because of whom or what they have done we end up getting offended. But that’s beside the point here. The point I’m trying to make here is that if you are offended then you are going to end up getting hurt and short changed of your blessings. It’s not the person who has caused you to take offense, but you who will lose out on blessings. I know that’s not fair, but yet it was not fair either that the Lord Jesus Christ ended up getting crucified for our offenses right? Learn to let go, learn to forgive and forget, learn to move on and you will be benefited the most. I know one instance of a person who walked up to a pastor in front of me and confessed that he had bitterness against the pastor and because of which he had missed out on blessings and peace of mind for 3 years. Now don’t let that happen to you. In the scheme of things 3 years is pretty long and I would definitely not like to wait for anything for 3 long years and I’m sure neither would you.

I once read an account of two families, the first family was regular to church, gave tithes regularly, and was spiritual and godly. The second family seldom put in an appearance at church, never tithed regularly, and was not particularly spiritual or godly. Yet whenever there was a sickness in the family or God’s intervention was required, it was the second family that kept getting healed or getting an answer to their prayers, but very rarely the first. The only difference between both the families the pastor revealed was that the second family never kept anything in their mind or heart, and just forgave and moved on. The first family on the other hand always took a long time to forgive and were always bitter about it. Now this brings to mind that just because you are regular to church, tithe and are godly does not mean you take offense with those who are none of the above. If anything more of the godly character should be developed and shown in you. Learn to forgive and forget and move on, it will benefit you the most. 


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Because gods are always right, right? (slaves are okay too BTW!)
Because someone wrote on some book that it’s so.

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