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Audiophile PC!

I have recently (well not too recently) started a new chapter in my musical journey and started to move/moved most of my music collection to a PC based digital setup/source/transport. In other words goodbye to the good old tape player, CD player or even a budget DVD player or any of the countless universal players that play anything from Audio CDs to MP3, to DVD Audio and Video. Instead the PC becomes (rather has become) the pièce de résistance in my musical setup consisting of the transport and a centralized location to store all the Audio CD rips in lossless formats like FLAC, WAV, etc. Of course this does lead to the requirement of increased HDD space especially if the music is ripped in lossless formats like FLAC/WAV etc. but it’s worth the effort and the increased need for space since it means I have all my music collection on hand whenever I want to listen to anything, I don’t need to go around hunting for the tapes and CDs and even more so the tapes and CDs all originals are safe and don’t run the risk of getting cut, broken, or scratched. I also read up a lot on how to make the PC sound better (rather how to make music sound better on the PC) and there’s tons of information on this on the internet. That’s understandable since audiophiles and music lovers all over are finding out that a PC with the right soundcard and powered speakers will not only give a CD player a run for its money, but beat most CD players many times over its price range. Here is a selection of some of the articles that I have read and can recommend. I will also be sharing more on this topic as the days go on and share more about my adventures with the Audiophile PC.

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The Audiophile’s Guide To Streaming Music

Lavry: Getting The Best Output From Your Computer

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AVI HiFi: Getting The Best Output From Your Computer

How To Get The Best Sound Out Of Your PC

Best PC Sound Cards

How to Buy the Best Sound Card for your PC

Resurrect Your Old PC For Music With Linux

What Is Bit-Perfect?

I am sure you will enjoy reading all the wealth of information provided/shared here and please do check back for more!!!


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Ajith - 6 years ago

Welcome back Rajiv… I guess you had a big break from online activities, right?

How's life been?

Rajiv - 6 years ago

Hi Ajith,

Yeah back and blogging after a while. Been traveling a lot visiting places like Vizag, Chennai among others lately hence the break.

Life is great as always. Have not updated myself with your blog, but will pay a visit soon and catch up on all that I've missed lately. And thanks for remembering and stopping by.

keithforrest - 5 years ago

I have been running all of my music off a music server into a DAC for about 7 years. It really is the best way to go IMHO. I even have my server in another room with a 3M USB cord going through a wall to my system.

This is also the best way to listen to 24bit 96khz material.


Rajiv - 5 years ago

Hi Keith,

Cannot agree with you more. Been doing it similarly and it beats most other setups quite easily.

pimentero - 4 years ago

Audiotrak’s Prodigy HD2, Xtreme Edition (modded with Burson Opamps), is the BEST audiophile soundcard available. Period.

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