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Best Movies Of 2009! Well At Least The Most Awaited Movies Of 2009!

As I was making the list of the best movies of 2008, a couple that I could not put in there were Transformers and Grindhouse simply cause they released in 2007 and not 2008. Anyways that got me thinking about what I was awaiting eagerly this coming year in 2009 and so here goes…

Star Trek – More than the fact that I love Star Trek (well at least the original series with William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and company), I am eagerly awaiting Star Trek purely for the fact that it’s helmed by J. J. Abrams (yup, I loved his Alias and also Mission Impossible III).

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – I really freaked out on the Transformers when it released in 2007 on the big IMAX screen and have since then watched it numerous times on DVD, but sadly only in Dolby Digital as I could not source a DTS version of it. If you like big action, big sound, big special FX, then Transformers is a movie you much catch up on. The action keeps coming and will just blow you away. Oh yeah, Transformers also stars Megan Fox (the same one) in her first big break and yeah she does not disappoint one bit.

Terminator: Salvation – I am a huge fan of this series, probably more so than any other apart from James Bond, but then My name is Bond, James Bond will blow everyone away. It took a long time before the sequel to the original Terminator came along in the form of Terminator 2: Judgment Day and an even longer time for part 3 in the series Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines to come along, but now the franchise seems to have hit stride with Terminator: Salvation out in 2009. Only Arnold Schwarzenegger will be missing this time around, but Christian Bale is along for the ride.

Avatar – James Cameron is back at last after more than a decade after the “King Of The World” Titanic and let’s hope he does not take so long after Avatar. James Cameron has made some pretty amazing movies over the years like Titanic, True Lies, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Abyss, Aliens, The Terminator, not to mention Dark Angel and with it the introduction of Jessica Alba. James Cameron would probably qualify as the most successful director of all time apart from Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Martin Scorsese anyone?


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Gambling Man - 6 years ago

I think the new Terminator will be something special, albeit in a slightly different format than previously. The trailer for the movie certainly looks good and I'm a huge fan of the series.

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