5 years ago

Coincidence or Godincidence?

A friend was recently talking about coincidence or God-incidence and just this morning my sister and I experienced a Godincidence. My sister’s passport was up for renewal and even though she had put in the application in the month of December 2009, it was now nearing the end of February 2010 and nothing was moving on that front, but in the meanwhile her trip to Hawaii was only getting nearer. We agreed together and prayed for the passport to come through yesterday.

In case you are wondering why all this hullabaloo to renew a passport well the answer is this is India. You know what that means if you are an Indian and well if you are not an Indian then be glad you are not one. It really is horrendous to get any work done in India and go through all the red tape. Oh yes we did visit the passport office a couple of times. Firstly, none were allowed in because some idiots bombed Pune and then we were told we are late with one security personnel even asking me if I could read and pointed to the instructions board with the timings mentioned 9:30 am to 11 am (never mind the counterfoil I had stated the timings were from 10 am to 12 noon and I was there at 11:10 am). Well I did want to ask the security personnel if they could read my counterfoil (I was pretty sure they could not) but alas that was not to be and I was dragged off by my wife. Finally, if you are still wondering yes this is India and yes I’m proud to be an Indian.

Thank God Jesus works miracles even in India. Today morning my sister and I started off early (yet again to do the rounds of the passport office). Even as we got into the car my sister (unbeknownst to me) was asking God if I should tag along since I would not be allowed inside anyway and as for me I took my wife’s mobile leaving my mobile behind at home (praise God for the inner witness). Godincidence at work I would say because right in the middle of our drive and I got a call on my wife’s mobile and it was the police asking me for my sister so that they could come in for the verification process. Godincidence indeed that I was with my sister and I was carrying my wife’s mobile because of which the verification started in the car itself. Thankfully, all of it ended today because I definitely was not looking forward to a tango session with the passport office and its security personnel. All I can say is Praise God and Godincidence!


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