6 years ago

Creative Inspire T6060 5.1 Surround Speakers Review!

Creative Inspire T6060

As stated in my previous blogs I was in the market for a new 5.1 PC Speaker System since my old one fell down and broke. I had at that time dropped the idea of going for PC speakers and had instead chosen to go the Home Theater route and that was certainly a good decision especially with all the DVDs and Divx content I have amassed over the years. One issue though was that playing music on the Home Theater System was a cumbersome affair since most of my collection is stored on my HDD and in mp3 format and every time I wanted to listen to a particular track it meant I had to burn it and play it via the DVD player connected to the Home Theater System (yeah no dedicated CD player). This was really time consuming and not at all feasible especially when I wanted to switch tracks quickly. I did try cables from my PC to the AVR, but even this did not give the desired output and hence I was back to contemplating a 5.1 speaker system for my PC to play music and the odd DVD/Divx movie. The initial model I had chosen was the Creative Inspire T6060 (before I went for the Home Theater System) based on a friend’s recommendation and also after checking out the system at his home and though not great audiophile quality, it was certainly great VFM (Value For Money) for its price and music certainly sounded great on it especially mp3 tracks at 192 kbps to 320 kbps. My other choice was the Logitech Z-5500, but coming at Rs. 26,000 it did not make much sense since I already had a Home Theater System that outperformed the Logitech Z-5500 (and at a lesser price) and my primary requirement was to play mp3 music on my PC. The Logitech Z-5500 is rated highly, but the Audioengine A5 (costing the same) delivers true audiophile quality or at least near to it. Since the Logitech Z-5500 cost so much it basically ruled itself out, the Audioengine A5 costing the same as the Logitech A5 was in the running, but procuring them in India is not that easy especially with warranty (and one would want warranty if he is shelling out Rs. 20,000 or so for a couple of speakers). The Creative Inspire T6060 on the other hand had everything going for it in terms of VFM, price and also warranty. This swung the decision in its favor though it is ridiculous comparing Creative Inspire T6060 with the Logitech Z-5500 and even more so with the Audioengine A5, but hey this is only a stopgap arrangement till my Audioengine A5 comes in from the United States.

Now on to the Creative Inspire T6060 review. Being a 5.1 speaker system, it comes with the usual 2 front speakers, 2 rear/surround speakers, 1 center speaker and 1 subwoofer. The contents are packed very well and wrapped in plastic to prevent any scratches or damage with each speaker getting its own plastic wrapper. Another good feature with the Creative Inspire T6060 is the length of the wires provided along with the speakers. The front speakers go to about 4 feet and ditto for the center speaker. The rear speakers though go to about 9 feet and this perfectly complements the surround sound aspect of a decent home theater and the Creative Inspire T6060 is actually pretty good and nifty in terms of performance for a PC 5.1 speaker system/PC Home Theater System. The only cons I can come up in this short period of time is the wired remote since my previous 5.1 speaker system for the PC came with an all function wireless remote, but I guess since the Creative is primarily for listening to music which I do when I am sitting and working on the PC it is not much of an issue, but still in this day and age a wireless remote would have been so much better and the second con is no digital inputs whatsoever in the form of coaxial or optical and HDMI one cannot even dream of just yet. Analog is good, but digital is so much better so why leave digital out in such good speakers is a question that begs to be asked. One good thing about the wired remote is that it has outputs for connecting a pair of headsets and a mike so it comes in really handy for chatting. On the wired remote there are two volume knobs, one for controlling the overall volume and the other for controlling the bass/subwoofer output, which is a good thing when you want to cut the bass or pump it up depending on your preference. The package contents are as follows.

  • One center two-way speaker with adjustable stand and attached 61/2ft / 2m cable
  • Two front two-way speakers with attached 61/2ft / 2m cables
  • Two rear speakers with attached 13ft / 4m cables
  • One subwoofer
  • One wired remote control
  • Four desktop stands
  • Triple stereo-to-stereo audio cable
  • Power supply adapter
  • Quick Start leaflet

Creative Inspire T6060

In the looks department the Creative Inspire T6060 scores with the speakers’ footprint being small, elegantly shaped and cute stands that can be affixed or removed depending on your choice of speaker placement. I have had a few too many instances of my previous set of PC speakers falling down and breaking so I went with wall mounting them just so that they will be safe and out of harms way. Also, with them spread all over the room, the sound is fuller with increased bass and more booming. Special mention must be made of the subwoofer of the Creative Inspire T6060, it performs really well for a PC speaker system; it is loud, clear and really thumps out good bass even in the very low frequencies. The 18 watts center speaker performs well for movies in 5.1 with the dialogues loud and clear. Only the front two speakers and the center speaker come with tweeters, the rear/surround speakers do not have inbuilt tweeters, but this is not much of an issue since for watching movies the high frequencies are better coming in from the front and the sides and not really from behind you. For 2 channel music the 5.1 Home Theater setting really does not sound all that great so it’s better to output sound in stereo mode/all channels mode where audio is pumped out equally in all speakers at the same time. In this mode the music sounds very good on the Creative Inspire T6060, it is loud and clear, the vocals come through sharp and clear, and while not true audiophile quality it is still quite good compared to the myriad of PC speaker systems that I have come across and used over the years. In face one of my best speaker systems for the PC was an old Akai Tape/VCD player that served as an amplifier and 2 channel AV Receiver and it really put out great music for my mp3 collection for many years. Of course the Akai was more in the range of a Philips Powerhouse System and not really comparable with a PC Speaker System. The subwoofer of the Creative Inspire T6060 though as I mentioned certainly pumps out great bass and is equipped to handle even the most demanding of 5.1 rips in Divx. The speaker and other specifications are as follows.

  • Speaker Power: 8 Watts RMS per channel (4 channel)
  • 18 Watts RMS center channel
  • 22 Watts RMS subwoofer
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz ~ 20kHz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR): 80dB
  • Front and Rear Satellite Speakers: 8.3cm x 9.3cm x 22cm
  • Centre Satellite Speaker: 17.8cm x 8.9cm x 12.3cm
  • Subwoofer: 18.2cm x 25.3cm x 28.6cm
  • Wired Remote Control: 8.6cm x 3.8cm x 2.1cm

These are early days still and the speakers have not yet had the time to run in/break in (if that’s a concept you believe in/adhere to), but I am mighty impressed by what I see and more so by what I hear especially considering the VFM factor since the Creative Inspire T6060 comes in at under 4K in INR, it is truly great VFM. If you are in the market for a PC Speaker System in the 5.1 range and with limited budget on hand, then do check out the Creative Inspire T6060, you will be surprised at what you hear. 


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Ajith Edassery - 6 years ago

I have a Creative Inspire 2.1 and an Altec Lancing 5.1… Both are good though I like Creative woofer better :)

Forgot the wattages of both… I hear that Intex is good as well but what one should never buy is brands like Mercury which is available in abundance in India.


Rajiv - 6 years ago

Stay away from Intex, not so good. Creative is good. Altec Lansing was very good at one time, but not so much these days. Logitech has some great products especially the Z-5500 is THX certified and delivers great output. JBL is also pretty decent, but expensive though. Creative are the best in terms for VFM, but if you are looking for true audiophile quality then Audioengine A5 is what you need. I will be getting mine from the U.S. soon.

Ajith Edassery - 6 years ago

The Altec Lansing one is 7 years old :) still works like a charm and that's connected to my TV and DVD player since I do not have an HT system

Since I bought my new PC, I am happy with Creative…

Rajiv - 6 years ago

Creative is truly great VFM. I have used/checked so many speaker systems over the years, but nothing delivers in the VFM department like Creative. Even till a month ago, I was using Altec Lansing that was just 2.0 and a few years old and they did a good job. I ended up going for Creative since I wanted a 5.1 system especially for my extensive music collection and the odd Divx movie on the PC.

vijaya - 6 years ago

can i use creative inspire T6060 as home theatre by connecting my dvd and TV

Rajiv - 6 years ago

Not really. In terms of output you will find it lacks when compared to even an entry level HT system from Onkyo or Yamaha. In terms of connectivity too it only takes default RCA cables and no digital connectivity like HDMI/Coaxial/Optical etc. Its primarily meant as a PC speaker system and not a HT system per se.

vijaya - 6 years ago

Then which brand you prefer for me which VFM (<5000/-)

Rajiv - 6 years ago

Vijaya, at under 5K you will only get PC speakers and not HT system speakers. Also, HT speakers will need an AVR at the very least to power the speakers. You will need to up your budget to at least 18K for the entry level Onkyo HT-S3100 for a HT system. Trying to use PC speakers in a HT setup would not work.

Another option is to check out a HTIB in E-Zone or Reliance Digital etc. where you will find an integrated HTIB for around 4K from companies like Philips, Onida, etc. Though technically they would be termed a HT system you will find their performance is far below and not at all satisfactory in the long run.

One good integrated HT system I have heard a lot of reviews about is the Philips HT4750, but it would cost around 20K and comes with integrated DVD player.

Gaurav - 6 years ago

could you tell me, if external sound card is required for peroformance? if yes, then which sound card I should choose for this model….?

Rajiv - 6 years ago

Hi Gaurav,

If your motherboard has an onboard soundcard even that will do. Any soundcard is fine, but for good performance Creative Soundblaster and Asus Xonar are pretty good in the entry level range.

Gaurav - 6 years ago

thnx for reply…
one more query..
r u having idea of logitech X540 (5.1)?
how it is in comparision to T6060?

Rajiv - 6 years ago

Hi Gaurav,

On paper both the Logitech X540 and the Creative T6060 are matched evenly though I have not heard the Logitech. However, I have heard the Logitech Z5500 and they are very good for PC speakers. BTW are you looking for PC speakers or for a Home Theater Speaker System. Creative and Logitech are great for PC speakers, but you will need to move away from them for a Home Theater though.

Vishnu - 6 years ago

I have T6060 connected with External Sound card USB 24 bit! Live from Creative. Believe me, it sounds heaven !!! If you want to experience full 5.1 effect, just go for any creative 5.1 sound card. If you are willing to spend more money on sound card you can also go for Audigy series sound cards from Creative. I have 24 bit live! creative sound card(5.1) which is comparatively cheaper. I have full faith in creative so I go for only Creative (Speakers & Sound cards). I suggest u the same…

–Vishnu RK

Rajiv - 6 years ago


This particular model by Creative the Inspire T6060 is a great model at the entry level segment in 5.1. I could not get the GigaWorks to demo them otherwise I might have gone for them instead especially for gaming performance.

Coming to the card, I have been using a Creative SoundBlaster card for many years now and its simply awesome especially for music. Only con I find with it is the lack of digital out, but that has been fixed in the latest versions. Will probably get it myself in the next round of upgrades for my PC.

Varun - 6 years ago


I want to connect these speakers with my LCD tv so i can have a home theater, so can these speakers be connected with the DVD Player and LCD.


sashi - 6 years ago


i got a T6060 recentlty…i wish to get a 24 bit live card..but the creative store doesnt hav it…so are amazon and ebay…at amazon its costing 190 dollars and on creative site it says 50 dollars…thats surprising….please suggest some online store where i can buy…

most importantly please tell me this as well…my lappy doesnt hav a 5.1 sound card..thats y i get sound only from 2 speakers(front) when i connect to my lappy..if i purchase the 24 bit live card will i get 5.1 output from my lappy after i connect T6060?

Rajiv - 6 years ago

Well Asus has a few very good soundcards so check them out.

Rajiv - 6 years ago

Any soundcard with 5.1/7.1 (and all these days are with 5.1/7.1) will give you 5.1/7.1 output. Unless you are living in some remote place it's better to visit a store that sells PC equipment and PC peripherals instead of online. The cards cost from Rs. 1000-1200 and go really high like Rs. 25,000 so make a choice based on your requirement.

Jamie - 6 years ago

Nice review!

I've just bought the AudioEngine A5 and I have to say I'm blown away by the quality of these speakers. I think they're the best for the money.

Rajiv - 6 years ago

Yes Jamie, the Audioengine A5s do rock. I was not too impressed with the A2s though. Another good option are the Audiobyte speakers from Axiom in the same price/performance range. The best though are the AVI ADM 9.1 powered speakers but they do cost quite a bit more too.

Congrats on the A5s and have a blast…

Mithun John Jacob - 5 years ago

Excellent Review…Keep the good work !

Rajiv - 5 years ago

Glad to be of help Mithun.

kesavarao - 5 years ago

Hello sir i am kesavarao from vizag now i am useing the samsung 5.1dvd player but i want ot connect 5.1 creative home theater to 5.1dvd player how tell me details please

Rajiv - 5 years ago


Samsung will need home theater unit and not PC speakers which will not have 5.1 input option. PC speakers can be connected only to soundcard with a stereo pin and not to a DVD player which will not have stereo pin. You will get pin converter but it will not work very well.

mohammed - 5 years ago

hi… i have an idea on T6060 .For tat sound card is needed aah….?

Rajiv - 5 years ago

Sound card is any day recommended and does perform better than the onboard default Realtek one so better to go with one from Asus or Creative.

PrasadBabu - 5 years ago

Hi, I have creative inspire T6060 speakers and connected trough creative soundblaster card. But the output of center speaker is very low and music speakers ate very high. Please suggest me how to rectify the problem.

Rajiv - 5 years ago

You will need to set the mode to Stereo Surround so that output will be the same from all speakers. Disable CMSS and change it to Stereo Surround and that will fix it. But if you are watching 5.1 content like a movie then CMSS is better for 5.1 SFX.

Prasad - 5 years ago

Thanks for you response. I having this problem only when I watching 5.1 channel movies. Please explaint how to disable the CMSS

Rajiv - 5 years ago


This option will be in the Creative Control Options, I believe in the speaker settings. Just look for EAX, it will be in them.

pankaj - 5 years ago

are t6060 creative best to buy???
it hv dolby digital sorround and dth??????????????

Rajiv - 5 years ago

For HD Dolby Digital, DTH, Surround Sound etc. you will need a home theater from Onkyo, Yamaha or the likes. Creative is not good or recommended for the same.

rachitdobhal - 5 years ago

Hey brother, its basically the problem of sound blaster……its just for 2.1 Chanel so that is the main problem! Just use the normal pc sound with 5.1 channel option

maxVmax - 5 years ago

hi, I have the old T6060 but remote control by wire is broken….
…anyone knows where can I buy the new 1200 WIRELESS CONTROL ???????
…cant find a shop all over the world that sells this item !!!!!!!!!

many thanks,

neuxreux - 5 years ago

Here is what you should know about Creative's response to volume problems:


Thank you for getting back to us.

With regards to your issue, as most of the accessories are packages with
the product as a whole unit we may be unable to sell it to you.

We would like to seek for your kind understanding and apologize for any
inconvenience caused, any inconvenience caused is regretted.

If you still require assistance, please reply to this email with any
previous correspondence to ensure the quickest and most accurate

Best Regards,

Liza Z
Worldwide Customer Response


This email is for the sole use of Creative's intended recipient and is
not to be forwarded or copied to others. Any review, copying or
distribution of this email or any attachments by others is strictly
prohibited. If you are not Creative's intended recipient, please inform
Creative immediately by responding to this email and thereafter
permanently delete the original and any copies of this email together
with any attachments. Thank you.

Original Message Follows: ————————

Dear Liza,

I have eliminated all possible problems (including the cables). As I
have mentioned earlier – and as I pointed out, I know the root cause of
the issue.
My concern is not to figure out what is wrong, my request is to find out
where I can get the spare part, particularly the entire volume control
The way it looks is that Creative will not admit, despite numerous
complaints about it – that there is an issue with its volume controls.

Here's a tip, because it seems like the Creative engineers havent found
the source of the problem yet; its a design flaw.
Finally, I just want to know if I can get or buy a new volume control
for my unit.


From: Creative Labs Asia Customer Support
Sent: Mon, March 29, 2010 10:57:42 AM
Subject: Re: CLA (CMKK) – Technical Support Request – (I-Trigue 3400)


Thank you for writing in to Creative Support Services; I appreciate the
opportunity to assist you.

With regards to your issue, please refer to the below steps to solve the

volume control issue.

Remote / Control Pod Faulty

Have a nice day!

If you still require assistance, please reply to this email with any
previous correspondence to ensure the quickest and most accurate

Best Regards,

Liza Z
Customer Support Services
Creative Labs Asia

This email is for the sole use of Creative's intended recipient and is
not to be forwarded or copied to others. Any review, copying or
distribution of this email or any attachments by others is strictly
prohibited. If you are not Creative's intended recipient, please inform

Creative immediately by responding to this email and thereafter
permanently delete the original and any copies of this email together
with any attachments. Thank you.

元のメッセージ: ————————
Subject: CLA (CMKK) – Technical Support Request – (I-Trigue 3400)
Region: Asia
Country: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Support Inquiry: My Creative hardware stopped functioning correctly
Product: I-Trigue 3400
CCPP Certificate Number:
Serial Number: CAMF0235xxxxxxxxxx
Purchase Date: Jan/01/2007

Operating System:
Creative Model Number:
Computer Brand/Model:
BIOS Type/Revision:
System Board/Chipset:

Detailed Problem Description:

Volume control goes down and up. Sometimes nothing. Light on control
goes on and off. Potentiometer problem and I need replacement of entire
volume control unit.

piyush - 5 years ago

hello sir
creative model no.t6060 & t6100 & t6200 indian price
at mumbai shop & address

rakeshreddy - 5 years ago

Hello Sir
i want to buy a 5.1 sysem for PC. which is best in logitech and creative.

Rajiv - 5 years ago

Go for anything in Creative apart from the SBS series which is too entry level and not very good. Apart from SBS anything in Creative is great bang for buck. Go depending on your budget but if possible do have a listen and see what you like.

Anuradha - 5 years ago

Hi iam anuradha.I have samsung 26 inches LCD tv and i brought intex 5.1 speakers for lcd tv.I connected the speakers successfully.but sound is not coming out.does the t.v need any amplifier or any converter kind of thing?

please help me

Rajiv - 5 years ago

Hi Anuradha,

If its Intex PC speakers it will come with inbuilt amplifier in the subwoofer so that should not be an option. Make sure you connected the wires correctly and also the pins used are correct. Generally the RCA slots in TV, DVDP etc. will not work with the PC speakers and will need a converter for the sockets. Your local PC shop will help with this.

Pkk_kunna - 5 years ago

HI anuradha,

I am karthik from chennai and let me know if u need help on this to get the things done..
I am skilled in setting up the systems and Home theater since i am music freek..

You can very well reach me at -+91-8056296639 ( Chennai)

Pkk_kunna - 5 years ago

HI Dude the best speakers for PC the one and only Creative and T6060 but u should have 5.1 Sound card to utilize it completely.
Only this speakers can give chest thumbing effect..
i have 5 models of creative speakers at home for my laptop's dekstop and for my DVD player..

Rajiv - 5 years ago

Creative are good, but not great and certainly not the best. If its stereo music and for the PC then the best that I've come across are AudioEngine. After than Logitech and Klipsch are there. Mind you all these are only for PC and not a real audio setup. If you have the money then of course Focals worth 1 Crore will give you sound unlike any other.

Soundcards again if its music via the PC then 2-channel are better rather than 5.1/7.1 which are more suited for gaming and watching movies. Again here the best sound cards are not from Creative but rather Asus Xonar takes the lead.

Apoorv - 4 years ago

i want to buy this model but just want to ask few questions
1. is it possible to use a WIRELESS REMOTE?
2. is it possible to listen songs from pen drive or memory card?
thanks in advance.

    Rajiv - 4 years ago

    I’m sure you will get more latest models as this is pretty old. Coming to your questions, no you cannot use a wireless remote and yes you can use an external drive to play music that’s connected to the PC.

      Apoorv - 4 years ago

      Thank you.

      But i cant get “yes you can use an external drive to play music that’s connected to the PC.” i wanted to know whether it is possible to connect pen drive via suitable connector directly to the speaker?

      Yes i know the model is old but the shops here have limited stock and they prefer this model a lot, and i also dont have any idea about speakers.

      So apart from t6060 which speaker (5.1) is good?
      Anyone from t6100,t6160, t6200?

      And sorry for so many questions.

        Rajiv - 4 years ago

        How are you going to play the speakers without a soundcard or amp? These are only speakers and not a home theater unit that you can plug an external device and play from.

        These speakers are good and much recommended.. there are no other in Creative or Altec Lansing or even JBL that compare at this price point. But like I said they can be used only as PC speakers.

Maria - 4 years ago

My speakers suddenly doesn’t work at all except the headphones!!.. How i can check out to fix them up? Everything is on rigth position … Please contact me at e-mail: maria_kyropoulou@yahoo.com

    Rajiv - 4 years ago

    Well its tough to diagnose long distance.

    Please check.
    1. Power cables are connected.
    2. Wiring.
    3. Drivers.
    4. Reboot the system.

Mayank - 4 years ago

hi..could you pls tell me which speaker should i buy ….
Creative Inspire T6100, T6200, T6160 or T6060

pls reply soon

    admin - 4 years ago

    The Inspire series from Creative are good bang for buck and I’m using T6060.

sajib - 4 years ago

hi, i am sajib.
i have a creative M45oo 4.1 speaker system. how can i get more sound from it?

Barath - 4 years ago

My Volume Controller Is not working……Can i get Volume controller Separately For 7.1??

admin - 4 years ago

@Barath – Not sure you can get it separate.

manoj sodhi - 4 years ago

how i can install realtek ?please tell meee

Vela - 4 years ago

Hi, I bought a Home Theatre with 5 speakers. I only want to listen to MP3 music through a USB. How can I connect an extrenal screen of some sort so that I can see and choose what tracks I want to play. Presently, we just play and cannot see anything. We do not have a TV.

vikram - a couple of years ago

can you suggest any 5.1 speaker which will be compatible for both my laptop and DVD which should be having good surround sound any bass effect

amit - a couple of years ago

hi, i want to purchase 5.1 speaker for my 32 inch led, for gaming and music.
can u help me out,which one to select.
please give option of model.
my estimate is 5000-10000.

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