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Does Positive Thinking Really Help?

This is coming from an author who has read The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale and has also recommended the same to a lot of people. You might think I am biased and you are probably right, but I do believe positive thinking works and this has borne out from practical experience. I will not be trying to force any conversions here, but I will still go over some points why positive thinking is good for one and all and why you need to practice it if you are not a practitioner already.

Now you don’t need to believe in positive thinking as some mantra or some secretive higher power or higher consciousness that rules the world and something you need to master to get it to work for you. You can just think positive all the while and react in a positive way with positive thoughts in every situation and that alone will make things easy and better for you and give you victory and peace in each and every situation. In fact Google the words positive thinking and you will get more than 8 million results with each projecting a different theory/theology especially based on their religious background or something entirely different if its atheism, but yet all will agree that positive thinking works and that’s the message I want you to carry away from here today. I will not bother you with the hows and the whys, but just want you to realize that positive thinking and having a positive outlook and vision at all times and in all situations works to your advantage and best interests always.

For me personally, being a born again believer in Jesus Christ, the Bible is the final authority on all things and there are two scriptures that have helped me settle the issue of positive thinking once and for always in my mind at least. The scripture references are Proverbs 23:7 “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he” and Ephesians 3:20 “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think”. Now depending on religion and background this is stated differently by different people and some have even made the mind, both the conscious and the subconscious, all powerful and even deny the existence of God, but once again that is something I don’t want to get into or discuss here. All I want to draw attention to is that positive thinking works and works very well for everyone. The only thing that needs to be done is to think positively and work on replacing all negativity and negative and self-defeating thoughts with positive thoughts and thoughts of victory and you will begin to see results in your life. All that is required is to think positive and to replace every negative thought with a corresponding positive thought. The hows and whys will take care of themselves. Just by putting positive thinking into practice you will begin to notice changes taking place in areas where you are practicing positive thinking.

Now positive thinking is not something one can ignore and say I don’t believe in it and it does not work so I will not be doing it. If anything it will not work for those who say it does not work and those who don’t believe in it because that’s precisely what they have thought. Our thoughts are like containers and they will manifest whatever is in them. If there is unbelief in them then that’s exactly what will manifest. The same goes true for negative thoughts too. Negativity or doubt/fear etc. are nothing but the opposite of faith or to put it more aptly “faith in reverse” and hence even they will end up manifesting whether one wants or not. What this means is that there are no sitting on the sidelines or I will mind my business when it comes to positive thinking. Either you are manifesting positive thoughts or you are manifesting negative thoughts. There is no other option of saying I want to be out so don’t count me in. Thoughts do manifest and they do come to pass no matter which religion you go with or even if you are an atheist or a new age believer. I have learnt from my own personal experience that you cannot keep your head empty and devoid of thoughts. Either you are thinking what you want and desire or else thoughts that are not positive or good for you will be running in your mind. Simply put either you are controlling your thoughts or thoughts not from you are controlling you. Either you think what is right and good for you or have your head filled with trash, but there is no leaving it empty. That’s why I like to think of the mind and thoughts as containers which we have to fill with good stuff or else they get filled with bad stuff and both will manifest. That’s why I say get a grip and start controlling what you think and its better you control your mind rather than your mind controlling you. The only choice one has is whether to manifest positive or negative so it’s better to take charge and take control over one’s thoughts and to manifest only positive thoughts. The choice however is yours to make and to live with or rather to live by.

I will be following up this blog with more articles on positive thinking and how to make it work for you and not against you so stay tuned.


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Wakish - 7 years ago

Definetly! Positive thinking helps!
Cool article and thoughts!

PS: How you doing my friend? Have a nice weekend..

– Wakish –

Rajiv - 7 years ago

Doing great. Been busy lately so blogging less. Hope to catch up with blogging more often.

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