6 years ago

Expensive Water Or Living Water?

Evian Water

I bought this bottle of Evian water for Rs. 92. That translates to $1.99 or nearly 2 USD as per today’s exchange rate. I really don’t know if that is a lot to pay for 1 liter of water in the United States or elsewhere in the world, but I do know for sure that it is A LOT to pay for 1 liter of water in India. In fact water is free and freely available in India and even the thought of paying for it would sound ridiculous to many. To the health conscious and those who do prefer mineral water when outside of their home or workspace paying for a bottle/1 liter of mineral water is a common occurrence, but even the very best like Kinley and Aquafina cost from Rs. 12 to Rs. 15, so even from their point of view paying Rs. 92 for a liter of water would be exorbitant or prohibitive at the very least. Lest any of you think otherwise about me let me assure you that even I don’t purchase water at Rs. 92 on a regular or even an irregular basis. I just wanted to taste Evian water since it is world famous and considered the purest of the lot when it comes to water.

However, after drinking such expensive water and quenching my thirst with it, I was thirsty in under an hour and thirsting for more water (of any kind really). That got me thinking that no matter how much I spend and no matter what kind of water I drink, from the very best in the world like Evian to the plain Jane mineral water at my home I would still end up thirsty and thirsting for more and this thirst of mine would never be quenched permanently as long as I was alive in this physical body of mine. Now compare this to the Living Water Jesus gives us as mentioned in John 4:1-26, water which will become a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life. Whoever will drink of the water Jesus Christ gives will never thirst again. In the same passage Jesus also told the Samaritan woman “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth” and this is only possible with the help of the Living Water Jesus gives us i.e. the Holy Spirit. To me there is absolutely no comparison between the Living Water given by the Lord Jesus Christ and the even the most expensive water found in the world. I have made my choice in going with the Living Water, HAVE YOU???

Jesus And The Samaritan Woman At The Well With The Living Water


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