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How To Have Success Blogging?

Success, the word itself is a paradigm. It means different things to different people and really it should, but yet I have used the word paradigm for in the blogging world success is defined by how many visitors your blog has, how much money you are making off of it, how highly placed it is in the bloggers paradise, etc. Come to think of it, don’t we define success differently in other things, but yet have the same measure when it comes to blogging? Why is that so? For many success means doing what we want, how we want and when we want, but if we are asked to define success in terms of blogging everyone would define it in terms of how many visitors, how much money, how high the ranking, etc. Anyway don’t worry, I am not running down the successful and powerful bloggers via this blog. In fact I just read an excellent post by Tibi Puiu on the Lost Art Of Blogging titled 22 Essential Habits Towards Blogging Success and let me tell you it is a must read. I have truly become a fan of sorts of Tibi Puiu and of late was frequenting his blog to check out when a new post was available and true to character Tibi Puiu did not disappoint with this great post. Go ahead and read his post, but hey finish mine first!!!

I started to blog because I plain enjoyed it. No other reason to blog except that it gave me pleasure to put my thoughts on a blog and it really did not matter if anyone read it or not. I am sure 99% of us started blogging for this same reason. I also don’t believe you can blog from your head and write posts just for the readers without truly believing in it yourself. Truly a blog has to come from your heart and mean as much to you as it does to the readers of the blog. Unless the blogger himself connects with his blog, it cannot connect with the readers! So make sure you continue blogging for all the reasons you first began to blog. Make sure you don’t change streams midway and lose your focus on why you began blogging in the first place. Your blog was meant to be an extension of you, it was meant to give you pleasure first of all and it was meant to help others find direction, hope and happiness in life! Make sure it continues to be these things and does not become something else. Most of you are probably blogging the same just as you began blogging initially and really don’t need to hear this. But then there are some who really need to hear this message. I personally know a person who started blogging just like all of us for the joy of blogging and really turned in good blogs on a regular basis. The blog had a regular stream of visitors who liked what they read on the blog and even benefited from it. Now however the blogger spends more time on monetizing his blog, on having higher CTR, SEO, etc. and has lost his primary focus of blogging. This has upset me no end in fact since we all stand to lose a good blogger. I personally do not have anything against money or making more money. In fact I would take all that every single one of you gave me and still ask for more. But I have also realized that if we are good at what we do then the money will follow. Money will follow, we should not follow money. We can be good at what we do, rather we can be the very best at what we do if we follow our heart and not our head. The real passion and fire only come from the heart and even our blogging must come from our heart, not our heads. There is a good post on the same subject on Problogger written by guest author Abhijeet Mukherjee from Jeet Blog titled Do You Write From Your Heart? that should be checked out. Also, do try to read all the comments on this post for some good thoughts are shared in them too. I recently wrote a post titled How To Find Your Life Partner! and while it might not have been as widely read as some of my other blogs or posts, I still believe I did a great job on this post since it blessed one person immensely who mailed me how it helped him personally in life and in choosing his life partner.

In summation I would like to say what I have been saying all along i.e. keep your joy and your heart in your blogging and you will be successful in blogging. Who knows how that one blog from you will have a life changing effect on someone? In fact this principle applies to every area of our lives and not just blogging. Remember the basics, keep the focus and above all else continue blogging with the reasons it all first began. Here’s wishing to everyone’s success as a blogger.


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Tibi - 7 years ago

Hello Rajiv,

Thanks a ton for all the kind feedback, that's very nice of you. As for the rest of your post, you've managed to hit some interesting points dead on. In short, follow your passion and don't get distracted in the process. Write with your mind and soul, with a particular inclination for the heart 😀

Be sure to check out my response to your comment on the blog here http://www.lostartofblogging.com/22-essential-h…, where I laid out an issue you're experiencing with the blog.

Rajiv - 7 years ago

Tibi thanks for letting me know about Akismet. I was missing some comments and was wondering the same, but had thought might be the admin or the moderator did not like my comments!!! Anyways I have notified Akismet of the same and am awaiting their reponse. Thanks so much for informing me.

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