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How To Know The Number Of Hours Viewed In Your LCD And Plasma TV?

Have you purchased a new LCD TV and you want to be sure you have received an absolutely new piece i.e. in other words a factory sealed and unused piece. In some instances it has been noted that the dealers will dump a used or a demo piece and pass it off as a brand new piece. So if you want to know and check for yourself here goes…

For Samsung LCDs –
When the TV is in standby mode, press on the remote control the following keys in sequence: Info > Menu > Mute > Power. Now the TV will turn itself on and the first line on display will show you number of hours viewed on your TV.

For Sony Bravia LCDs –
When the TV is in standby mode, press on the remote control the following keys in sequence: i > 5 > Volume+ > Power

For Panasonic Plasmas –
Hold down the {Vol -} button on the plasma TV and not the remote.
Press the {Info} button on the remote control 3 times. This button is located to the left of the {0} button on the remote.
This will display the Service Menu with the following menu options:
Aging (Red Screen)

We are interested in SRV-Tool. The {1} & {2} buttons will help to move through the menus.
Press the {2} button once or press the {1} button six times to select "SRV-Tool".
Then press the {Ok} button to access it.
Using the cursor keys, highlight the empty box on the right side of the last option (box): PTCT :
Next press and hold the {Mute} button for 3 seconds.
The Time and Count will be displayed in red color. For example if it shows 000000330:30 441, it means the TV was on for 330 hrs and 30 minutes and it was switched on 441 times till now.
Next press the {off} button on the plasma for 10 seconds and then release it.
Switch on the TV and enjoy.

I will add for more TVs as and when I run into them. If you know of any other such tips, please share them in the comments section or email me the details and I will post them on the blog. 


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