5 years ago

Making Time For God!

The other day I was at a midnight prayer meeting at Bro. Duke Jeyaraj’s home and we had a really powerful time.  There were prophecies, interpretations of tongues, a powerful time of praise and worship and a Rhema Word from God preached by Bro. Duke and it was indeed a blessed time for all who participated.

A couple of days later I was all alone at home and instead of wasting time with the TV (IPL and all that) or even the PC and the internet I spent time with God and I mean really spent a lot of time with God Almighty Himself. Yet again I had a visitation from God and I really heard a lot of things from God. Ditto for today too when my wife was out shopping with her mother.  I just locked myself in my room and had a powerful time.

You might wonder what this is all about? Well I’m just letting you know that God is available and I mean available always (all the time). The question is are you available and making time to be with God? Many would love to hear from God or even feel His Presence. They would love to have a Word from Him, especially a Word that will solve their problems. I have shared the instances of just this past week when I heard from God powerfully. I can share many, many instances over the years. But in all of them I had to make time to be alone with the Father.

It really does not get any more simple than this.  God is willing and available (always). The only question that needs to be asked is are you willing and available for God? If you are and will make the time, you will have your breakthrough and the answers you are seeking.


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