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Quantum Of Solace Movie Review!

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Let me see, Sean Connery was having fun, Roger Moore was having women, George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton never had anything or rather never had enough time as Bond, Pierce Brosnan appeared lost and never aware of what was happening around him, but Daniel Craig on the other hand is a different kind of James Bond. First of all he is hurting on the inside, full of pent up rage and anger, not really having fun except when he is brutally hurting/killing someone, bruised both on the outside and the inside, Daniel Craig’s James Bond is different and unlike any other James Bond you have seen and yes its exciting and fun to see where the James Bond franchise is going with this. All things said and done, James Bond is an assassin, a gun for hire by the British Government, simply put a ruthless killer and yet we have had to wait 46 odd years from the time James Bond made his debut on the big screen with Dr. No to really see him as Ian Fleming intended him, a ruthless assassin/killer with a license to kill and absolutely no remorse whatsoever when doing the killing.

Quantum Of Solace begins right where Casino Royale ends. James Bond is on the hunt for Eva Green’s killers from Casino Royale and the movie begins with an exciting car chase with James Bond having the mysterious Mr. White/Jesper Christensen in the boot of his car and brining him over for interrogation all in the course of the opening car chase sequence. Mr. White of course at the interrogation laughs it all off claiming his secret and unknown organization has people everywhere and as if on cue one of M’s (Judi Dench) bodyguards draws a gun and kills the other bodyguards and also shoots Mr. White in the leg and make his escape with James Bond giving chase and ending with James Bond killing him after an exciting and action packed chase. In fact Quantum Of Solace begins with a bang, common to all James Bond movies, but it continues and does not let up on the action quotient for quite a while into the movie. Daniel Craig too continues and does not let up with his overpowering physique, silent demeanor, bruised lips, and an attitude that actually kills people even before interrogating or bringing them in for questioning. Daniel Craig’s James Bond is hurting and wants revenge and he just goes about systematically killing off the bad guys without an iota of emotion. No not even mercy exists for this James Bond, he has turned into the perfect assassin, cold, ruthless and without emotion. My only grouch with the movie is that the James Bond theme music is never played in the movie, and in fact it is only played when the ending titles/credits roll over the screen. James Bond’s theme music is in a league of its own and it virtually transports the viewers when James Bond is doing his bit with the music playing in the background. Case in point, the scene in GoldenEye in which Pierce Brosnan actually takes hold of a Russian Army tank and chases the bad guys with the James Bond theme music playing in the background and James Bond/Pierce Brosnan going right through a wall with the tank was an awesome spectacle to behold. While the action is great in Quantum Of Solace, unfortunately there is no James Bond theme blasting in the background and this is a bit of a sad thing for a James Bond fan.

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Coming back to the storyline of Quantum Of Solace, Bond is after Mathieu Amalric since he heads the mysterious organization that killed off Eva Green in Casino Royale. Mathieu Amalric himself is after all the water he can find and is secretly putting in puppet governments in South America while his corporation is buying up all the available desert lands in a bid to control the entire country’s/continent’s water supply which his corporation then sells and supplies at twice the previous cost. Things get personal along the way and James Bond is after Mathieu Amalric and his cronies and buddies more for Eva Green’s death than anything else and all this while the Americans are in buddy mode with Mathieu Amalric simply because he promises them the oil in South America. This only means James Bond becomes persona non grata and is asked to be reined in my MI6, but by now James Bond is so far gone that even M is not able to rein him in and James Bond ends up losing his license to kill and is cutoff from MI6. James Bond runs into Olga Kurylenko who is with Mathieu Amalric, but is only using him since she has her own axe to grind with Bolivian Army dictators who killed her family when she was a child. James Bond and Olga Kurylenko team up to take on the bad guys and what follows is more mayhem and tons of action. Giancarlo Giannini from Casino Royale pops in, but is killed off in Bolivia and James Bond gets framed for it. Anyways nothing stops James Bond on his quest for vengeance this time around in Quantum Of Solace.

While I loved Quantum Of Solace and the new direction the James Bond franchise is headed with a ruthless Daniel Craig, I was also disappointed with a couple of things that made James Bond, James Bond. Firstly, the very dialogue my name is Bond, James Bond is missing, the James Bond theme music is missing, the gadgets that James Bond is famous for are missing as is Q, James Bond’s supercars like the Aston Martin/BMW are missing. Of course all of this does not take anything away from Quantum Of Solace, but their presence would have meant so much more for all James Bond fans. There are of course similarities to previous James Bond movies, Gemma Arterton is covered in oil like Shirley Eaton was covered in gold dust in Goldfinger, James Bond loses his license to kill just like he did in License To Kill from 1989, and numerous other references to previous James Bond films. Despite all this James Bond fans would love to see the womanizing James Bond with all his gadgets, fast cars, and of course the theme music at the beginning and in between thrilling chase sequences and action sequences.

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