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Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P Review And Region Free Hack!

I have a Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P that I received as a gift a couple of years ago and it is indeed a great DVD player handling most media like DVD, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, SVCD, VCD, CD and almost all formats with the exception of DivX since its only a DVD player being a couple of years old. However, I find it very useful to play regular DVDs especially since I have signed up with an online movie rental service like Seventymm where I get 1 DVD movie everyday. One area where this Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P scores is it supports Dolby® Digital Decoding and DTS and is chockablock full of outputs supported in the form of analog (standard RCA outputs), digital (coaxial/optical), Component Video, Composite Video, and even S-Video.

Sony DVP-NS50P

HDMI is unfortunately not supported, but HDMI had not really taken off a couple of years ago and since this Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P is connected to my Panasonic 29” CRT TV, 1080p is not even an option thereby negating the need for HDMI support. Standard Definition (SD) DVDs run excellent on the Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P with Component Video to the Panasonic 29” CRT TV and Coaxial Digital Cable to the Home Theater AV Receiver.

Despite all my glowing reviews of the Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P, one problematic area was that it was region locked being brought over from abroad (as I mentioned a gift). It handled all region free DVDs fine and also all DVDs from other regions, but it never played Indian Region Coded DVDs. Mind you these were very few that I came across in the past couple of years that I have been using the Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P, but after I signed up with an online movie rental service like Seventymm I began to run into this problem more often especially for movies made by Sony Studios. It’s funny when you think of it. A Sony DVD player cannot play a Sony Studios Movie on a Sony DVD that I have rented and mind you all are legal. What gives? Nothing really. Consumers have to fend for themselves or be left high and dry. Since I am not the kind who likes to be left high and dry or taken for a ride by the constraints of modern technology, the best option was to look for a region free hack for the Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P at least for me. Please note I am not encouraging piracy here. I only want to play DVD movies on a Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P that I own from an online movie rental service Seventymm that I am paying good money for. Anyways thanks to Google Maharaj finding a hack was not much of a problem, but there are hacks that do not work and some that do. I am posting details of a hack that worked for me. Give it a shot if you have the Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P and it needs to be made region free, but of course only for legal DVDs that you have a right to play and not for any piracy.

Details of the hack.

With the DVD player turned off (stand by) press:

Choose option 2 and after that option 4.
Type 12450, press enter, and type 00000.

The tray will open and close repeatedly. Unplug the power cable and afterwards turn it on again. This should do it and your Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P should be multi zone/multi region now.

Check it out and let me know if it works for you or not. 

Rajiv Abraham

Nel - 6 years ago

Thanks,works fine for me :) this is just great…

Great technology deals updated regularly

Rajiv Abraham - 6 years ago

Hi Nel,

Thanks for stopping by. Yeah it worked just perfect for me too. Posting a hack on making Philips DVD player (my other DVD player) too region free.

Ajith Edassery - 6 years ago

I heard Sony's don't play the typical pirated Indian CDs/DVDs… is it true? My good old CRT TV is Sony but preferred to go for an Onida DVD player as it plays virtually anything…

It's time to upgrade both the TV as well as DVD player though. I need something with a USB input as downloaded movies can be directly played then instead of wasting the melamine and plastic.

It's amazing how ppl find out all these work arounds :)


Rajiv Abraham - 6 years ago

Yeah Ajith. These workarounds have been lifesavers so many times. Yeah, it is true about Sony and DRM. They really make it tough on you to play anything these days. Everything will say wrong region, but thankfully hacks are available.

Coming to your new DVD player, make sure it is USB 2.0 and also carry a USB stick loaded with movies and music to make sure it plays well. I have had previous experiences with friends where the LCD TV said USB but it only showed pictures in .jpg format. No movies or music. Even some DVD players will play, but play so slowly that its no fun watching movies via the USB or even listening to music.

Ajith Edassery - 6 years ago

Thanks for the tip on USB 2.0… Yep, I need some shopping to do, at the moment the apartment looks outdated :)

Mayank - 6 years ago

Hi Rajiv. Thanks for useful tip. But tell me one thing, when er put DVP NS50P on standby mode then its power goes off. Then pressing Button “TOP MENU” and “CLEAR” will have no meaning. Kindly tell how to make DVP NS50P to Stand BY mode, with the help of remote supplied with the player, without turning it off.Please help as iam suffering from same problem

Rajiv Abraham - 6 years ago

Hi Mayank,

Standby mode is just starting the DVD Player without any DVD in it i.e. just power it on and don't do anything else like eject the tray to put in a DVD etc. If it already has a DVD in it then remove it, turn it off and then turn it on again and it will be in standby mode. From here you can proceed as per instructions above.

Mayank - 6 years ago

thanks moserw for writing.Now i got it. But i have a problem there.i did the same:-
1. standby mode
2. top menu
3. clear
4. Power
After that a window got oppened with many options. from that first i press 2 from the remote and then 4 from the remote. After that against input count i typed 12450 and pressed enter.
After pressing enter, DVD try automaticaly starts opening and closing repeatedly and figure below input count started increasing from 00000 to 00001 to 00002 to 00003 and so on each time tray get open and close. (I think it will go on till 12450.) Anyway after 12 to 13 counts i removed the power cable from the player and then replug it and put the orignal DVD made for india into it but it continued showing message as “Cannot Play Due To Area Limitation”. ie it still not become region free.
My Questions are:-
1. That i could not type 00000 after 12450 as figure 00000 was already there below 12450 which started increasing once i pressed enter.
2. Do i need to remove power cable only after specific count?
3. Did i went wrong somewhere i above mentioned process?
4. If no then is there any other way by which i can make my DVD player region free?

Rajiv Abraham - 6 years ago

The process is correct. If it does not work the first time, restart the player and try again. Also, where did you purchase the player from? Mine is from the U.S. and I am not sure if this hack will work for players from other regions. However, do give it a try and let me know if it works or not.

Mayank - 6 years ago

i have purchased it from gaffar mkt delhi. It is made in malysia. i have tried this process many times but no use. I think this is piece of junk. i am planing tgo purchase Philips DVD player.

oobaka - 6 years ago

That hack refuses to work for me :(

Rajiv Abraham - 6 years ago

What is the error you are getting? I have tried it on many different machines and it has worked always. Can you please be more specific in terms of the error you are getting so I can check it out?

DEBTOR - 6 years ago

I tried it. Everything happened as you said. EXCEPT it did not unlock. It kept opening and closing. I unplugged it and powered on. I put in a region to dvd and it said playback was prohibited. I bought this in the US and can play region 1 dvd’s/. You had success on a DVP NS50P?

    Rajiv Abraham - 6 years ago

    Hi Debtor,

    Yes it worked on the Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P for me and mine was from the U.S. In fact it worked the very first time for me.

servicetech - 6 years ago

Hi Rajiv,

i have a sony dvp-ns70h and i am having the same issue “area limitations”. I have tried the process listed above, it did the same thing like opening and closing tray after the process but the problem with area limitation is still there. is it a different process for this specific model or same?
Any input is really appreciated.


billy - 6 years ago

same thing happens for me. tried it several times. it just open the tray and closes the tray until i cut power.

debbie - 6 years ago

can you post the steps again?

me - 6 years ago

I have a sony dvp NS50p and there is no stand by option.

Rajiv Abraham - 6 years ago

Stand by meaning just turn it on and don't play anything and in fact eject any CD/DVD inside the tray and close the tray, then just leave the player as is. This is its stand by mode. Hope it helps.

Paddy - 6 years ago

thanks heaps. worked ace for me! im using an aussie player and can now play Reg1 stuff. absolutely stoked!

Rajiv Abraham - 6 years ago

Glad it worked Paddy…

GLYZDA - 6 years ago

thanks , thanks , thanks…….. my DVD player is working

Rajiv Abraham - 6 years ago

Glad it worked for you Glyzda. Do share the hack with others in need.

tia - 6 years ago

Thank you for sharing this, but I'm having the same issue as some of the other comments. I followed all the steps, but I still get the same error message about “playback prohibited by area limitations”. I bought this DVD player in the US and it's set to region 1. It's exactly like the one in the picture you provided. So how is it that this works for some but not for others? I'm confused. >.<

Rajiv Abraham - 6 years ago


I'm sorry if it has not worked for you yet, but I'm sure it will work if all steps are followed religiously. Even I've had instances where a couple of players did not respond initially, but after trying out all the steps as instructed it worked. I'm sure it will work for you too. If it does not work out initially do turn off and restart the player and I'm sure it will work. I've personally had it work on so many systems.

KC - 5 years ago


I tried the process but I can only get the option if I have the DVD player turned OFF. I can't get the option from standby mode. Even as I followed the step through, it doesn't work. I tried many times.

Rajiv Abraham - 5 years ago

Hi KC,

Standby mode means the DVDP is turned on but not doing anything else and there is no DVD or disc inside the tray. Try it from this mode and it will work.

JM - 5 years ago

I did the same, I cannot get this to work from standby mode. From powered off, I can go through all the the steps. It just doesn't actually work.
Are you sure, its supposed to be in standby mode?

Rajiv Abraham - 5 years ago

Hi JM,

Yes, its supposed to be in standy mode. It's worked on most of the DVDPs I've tried barring a few. It does not work on DVDPs from some regions so that could be a problem. Try to Google for other hacks. I'm sure one of them will work. It's a matter of finding the right one.

Arugula - 5 years ago

Like the others, my tray opens/closes indefinitely. AFter I unplug then start up again, i still get the area limitations message. I've tried three times now. My player was bought in Canada.

Rajiv Abraham - 5 years ago

Well it does not work on players from some regions. Try Google for another hack and something that works will come by.

dox - 5 years ago

did not work for me

Rajiv Abraham - 5 years ago

Do Google around for other hacks. This hack does not work on players from
some regions.

drish - 5 years ago

Hello Rajiv, Could you please post the hack again – i couldnt locate your instructions in this thread … Thanks!

Rajiv Abraham - 5 years ago

Hi Drish,
The hack is..

With the DVD player turned off (stand by) press:


Choose option 2 and after that option 4.
Type 12450, press enter, and type 00000.
The tray will open and close repeatedly. Unplug the power cable and
afterwardsturn it on again. This should do it and your Sony DVD Player
should be multi zone/multi region now.

It's posted right at the end of the post.

123Jack - 5 years ago

I got DVP-NS50P from US same problem of area limitation. When I plug my DVDP it shows WELCOME sign and later shows NO DISC ” Does this mean its on stand by ” <<
If so than I tried pressing TOP MENU > CLEAR > POWER after which its shows OFF signal on the DVDP display screen followed by > WELCOME sign and later shows NO DISC.

Kindly let me know if i am doing any thing incorrectly


Rajiv Abraham - 5 years ago


Turn the DVDP off with the remote but let it remain plugged in. Then you can go ahead with the procedure.

Rajiv Abraham - 5 years ago

Welcome Shianna, glad to help.

shiannarose - 5 years ago

It worked for me thankyou soooo much!!!

Rajiv Abraham - 5 years ago

Welcome Shianna, glad to help.

Pankaj - 5 years ago

Same problem, I have Sony DVP-PR50P (Region 3, Malaysia)
Will this process work on this model, or you can suggest some other process/ site for region hack
I have tried this process, but after option 2 there is no option4.
Can you mail me the process with option descriptions, it might work.


Rajiv Abraham - 5 years ago


The process is the same as described above. It works from stanby mode. In some sets though it might not work in which case search in Google for other alternatives.

ssmachine - 5 years ago

the tray opens and closes repeatedly, unplug it, but did not work, how long should I leave that open and close the tray?. let it be repeated 150 times, the dvd I bought in Mexico .. sorry for my English but translated it with google.

ssmachine - 5 years ago

another question, this could read discs in NTSC and PAL. I have a Sony DVP-ns50p

Rajiv Abraham - 5 years ago

Sometimes it takes a couple of times before it works, so give it another try. You can leave the tray alone for a couple of mins at the max, otherwise try it again. If it still does not work then please Google for another hack as this might not work.

Rajiv Abraham - 5 years ago

Yes, for me it works with all region discs. That's what it means by region hack, it should play all region discs.

kalsi - 5 years ago

No I tried to hack but it still does not play my dvd.

Rajiv Abraham - 5 years ago

Hi Kalsi,

This hack does not work on all region players. Please do check the region of your player and the applicable hack.

Claudia - 5 years ago

thanks for your instructions. After long trials i got to the menu, typed all in that you said, the tray opened and closed repeatedly. I unplugged the cable and turned it on again.
I was so happy, but then i put a german DVD into the US Sony DVD-Player and got the same message again… cannot play due to area limitations???
What else could i do???

Rajiv Abraham - 5 years ago

Hi Claudia,

I found this region hack works but has quirks of its own and sometimes needs to be repeated a couple of times. Please try the same process for a couple of times more. If that does not work then you will need another hack for which you will have to check Google. Please do post on the outcome and the hack that works.

jon - 5 years ago

moserw, I really think since people are asking the same questions over again that you should explain the process in alot more detail. Because there are so many things that i cant even figure out.

Rajiv Abraham - 5 years ago

Thanks Jon. Will sure look it up soon and make the necessary changes if any are warranted.

jodida - 5 years ago

me lo podrian traducir al español,el dvd las peliculas que yo bajo de internet se ven en blanco y negro.otras peliculas grabadas originales en mi dvd se ven bien que causa esto,si me pudieran contestar se los voy agradecer

exSONYtec - 4 years ago

I got the same error “area limitation” after doing this mod to my DVP-NS50P. Bought in USA, made in China.

Also I had to have the unit off in order to get into the service menu. Start with the power off, then follow the mod instructions. Could not enter the five zero’s either, tray started to cycle after pressing enter.

Search continue’s…

Asummers - 4 years ago

Hi Rajiv, I have a Sony DVP-NS50P & I did exactly as you said. After unplugging the dvd player I still got the same message, “Playback prohibited by area limitations”. Can I do anything else? Thanks, April (asummers@cinci.rr.com)

    Rajiv Abraham - 4 years ago

    I guess its a matter of trying again… it took me a couple to tries to get it working. Also, shutdown the player and restart and try. If you are able to access the secret menu it should work. Also, check what is region of the player? I have found it does not work on some regions.

damon colclough - 3 years ago

I tried it and it didn’t work. After you punch in 12450 and press enter, the bottom is already reading 00000, but then starts 00001, 00002, etc. The tray does go out and in repeatedly, but when you unplug it, same message, region code.

I have also tried to do the 00000, real quickly, as it is counting and it seems to go to another menu?

    Rajiv Abraham - 3 years ago

    Try to unplug and start over again… failing which I can only assume its the wrong region/region code.

Aman - 3 years ago

I have a sony dvp sr700hp I want to hack it so it can play all regions, how should I do it ???

Sony User - 3 years ago

Tried the hack mentioned as well. Didn’t work for me (on a Sony DVP-NS50P purchased in the U.S). Can some one post the firmware version for the DVD player it worked on? I’m guessing that’s listed at the bottom of the screen after pressing:
Top Menu


Frustrated - a couple of years ago

I have this same DVD player and remote but I don’t understand the directions of the hack.
Should the Top Menu bring up a menu?
By pressing power aren’t I turning it off?
Should it already be off?
What does choose option 2 and four mean?

Could someone explain this to me in detail or possibly make a video showing how to do it? Please and thank you extremely much!

Hope - a couple of years ago

I followed the instructions but when I went to play the DVD I got the same “Playback prohibited by area limitations” screen. I have a Sony DVP – NS5OP region 1 (assuming because I bought it in the US) and I am trying to play a region 2 DVD.

After i typed the 12450 code the 00000 code was already entered below it and the tray began opening and closing. I didn’t press the 00000 and unpluged my player then turned it on. The DVD did NOT play.

Then I turned off the machine, re did the steps, and this time after typing the 12450 code I pressed the 00000 code which brought me back to the main secret menu. The tray opened and closed and I unpluged and restarted the machine. The DVD STILL DIDN’T PLAY.

I am confused as to why it isn’t working for some and working for others. Could somone who got it to work PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO SHOWING HOW TO COMPLETE THE HACK.

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