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Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P Review And Region Free Hack!

I have a Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P that I received as a gift a couple of years ago and it is indeed a great DVD player handling most media like DVD, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, SVCD, VCD, CD and almost all formats with the exception of DivX since its only a DVD player being a couple of years old. However, I find it very useful to play regular DVDs especially since I have signed up with an online movie rental service like Seventymm where I get 1 DVD movie everyday. One area where this Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P scores is it supports Dolby® Digital Decoding and DTS and is chockablock full of outputs supported in the form of analog (standard RCA outputs), digital (coaxial/optical), Component Video, Composite Video, and even S-Video.

Sony DVP-NS50P

HDMI is unfortunately not supported, but HDMI had not really taken off a couple of years ago and since this Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P is connected to my Panasonic 29” CRT TV, 1080p is not even an option thereby negating the need for HDMI support. Standard Definition (SD) DVDs run excellent on the Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P with Component Video to the Panasonic 29” CRT TV and Coaxial Digital Cable to the Home Theater AV Receiver.

Despite all my glowing reviews of the Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P, one problematic area was that it was region locked being brought over from abroad (as I mentioned a gift). It handled all region free DVDs fine and also all DVDs from other regions, but it never played Indian Region Coded DVDs. Mind you these were very few that I came across in the past couple of years that I have been using the Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P, but after I signed up with an online movie rental service like Seventymm I began to run into this problem more often especially for movies made by Sony Studios. It’s funny when you think of it. A Sony DVD player cannot play a Sony Studios Movie on a Sony DVD that I have rented and mind you all are legal. What gives? Nothing really. Consumers have to fend for themselves or be left high and dry. Since I am not the kind who likes to be left high and dry or taken for a ride by the constraints of modern technology, the best option was to look for a region free hack for the Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P at least for me. Please note I am not encouraging piracy here. I only want to play DVD movies on a Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P that I own from an online movie rental service Seventymm that I am paying good money for. Anyways thanks to Google Maharaj finding a hack was not much of a problem, but there are hacks that do not work and some that do. I am posting details of a hack that worked for me. Give it a shot if you have the Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P and it needs to be made region free, but of course only for legal DVDs that you have a right to play and not for any piracy.

Details of the hack.

With the DVD player turned off (stand by) press:

Choose option 2 and after that option 4.
Type 12450, press enter, and type 00000.

The tray will open and close repeatedly. Unplug the power cable and afterwards turn it on again. This should do it and your Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P should be multi zone/multi region now.

Check it out and let me know if it works for you or not. 


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