5 years ago

Syncing Your Bookmarks With Google Chrome Browser!

Probably the most important feature apart from the browser’s performance in terms of speed and ease of use and other features is its ability to sync bookmarks or back them up online so that in case of a system overhaul or when using another system I would still have access to all of my bookmarks. This was a favorite feature in my previous browser of choice Opera (with Opera Link) and Firefox too had similar options with plugins like Foxmarks (now Xmarks). Opera in fact went one step ahead and offered me the same bookmarks even on my mobile with the ability to sync Opera Mini. Since making the switch to Google Chrome this is a feature that I’ve sorely missed and have had to resort to importing bookmarks from Opera to keep them safe and backed but not anymore. Google Chrome Browser has incorporated into it the ability to sync your bookmarks to any Gmail or Google Account and works on the same premise when working on a different system. Use Google Chrome Browser and log into your Gmail or Google Account and you will have all your bookmarks available on the new system too.

This feature though is still in beta and is available only on Google Chrome Beta, which can be downloaded from http://www.google.com/landing/chrome/beta/. Once downloaded and setup you can activate syncing of bookmarks by clicking on the wrench symbol (yes for settings) and then selecting “Synchronize my bookmarks…” and then login with your Gmail or Google Accounts ID. If you don’t have one then you can go ahead and create one right there. Particularly impressive is the fact that this synchronization is instantaneous meaning if I add a new bookmark on my home PC it will also be immediately available on the laptop I use for work.

Apart from bookmarks syncing, Google Chrome Browser 4.0 offers more features and improvements and you can check them out at the Google Chrome Blog at http://chrome.blogspot.com/.

You can also watch an online presentation on how to synchronize your bookmarks in the video below.


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