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The Last Of The Mohicans Movie Review!

Daniel Day-Lewis, Eric Schweig And Russell Means In The Last Of The Mohicans

Picture a lush beautiful valley that brings immense joy or picture just having eaten a very good meal of your favorite food. Watching The Last Of The Mohicans brings that kind of satisfaction and is one of my favorite movies since its release way back in 1992. While the purists may not consider it the best work of Daniel Day-Lewis it is still a great movie featuring some great acting, really great outdoors, great camerawork and a fast moving storyline that will keep you engrossed till the very end. I have seen The Last Of The Mohicans many times before, but the reason I revisited it is because I got a Home Theater System for my bedroom and wanted to watch The Last Of The Mohicans on my new 5.1 Home Theater Surround System and yes it was absolutely rocking!

Coming to the story of The Last Of The Mohicans, it is set in the year 1757 when both the British and the French were fighting for control of the American continent with the American natives caught in between. Daniel Day-Lewis though a white man is the adopted son of American native Russell Means and he along with his biological son Eric Schweig rescue Madeleine Stowe and Jodhi May, the daughters of Maurice Roëves (Col. Munro) from Wes Studi who is out to destroy Col. Munro and his entire blood line because the British under Col. Munro had destroyed Wes Studi’s village and killed his children, and now Wes Studi is out for revenge and this means he even teams up with the French to destroy the British. After the rescue, Daniel Day-Lewis and the team of his father and brother agree to escort Madeleine Stowe and Jodhi May along with Steven Waddington (Maj. Duncan Heyward) to Fort William Henry where their father Maurice Roëves is stationed. As they arrive at the Fort they see it is under siege by the French and its fall is imminent, but still the entire group manages to sneak its way into the Fort. Inside the Fort the local American natives want to leave the Fort and head back to their farms and families since they are under attack by the French and their militia of American natives, but are forbidden to leave by Maurice Roëves under the threat of imprisonment for sedition and treason. Daniel Day-Lewis helps some of the American natives to escape from the fort and is promptly arrested by Maurice Roëves and sentenced to be hanged for treason against the British Empire. As these events unfold, Daniel Day Lewis and Madeleine Stowe find they are drawn to each other and love blossoms between them.

Daniel Day-Lewis And Madeleine Stowe In The Last Of The Mohicans

Before the hanging of Daniel Day-Lewis can take place, the French overthrow the Fort and the British surrender arms and are allowed safe passage by the French to return to England. The British party, however, are attacked by Wes Studi and his Huron warriors after their surrender and during this attack Daniel Day-Lewis, his father Russell Means, his brother Eric Schweig, the Munro sisters Madeleine Stowe and Jodhi May, and Steven Waddington manage to escape with their lives. Wes Studi and his gang of Huron warriors give pursuit and when Daniel Day-Lewis and the others are cornered, there is no option left, but for Daniel Day-Lewis, Russell Means, and Eric Schweig to escape leaving Madeleine Stowe, Jodhi May, and Steven Waddington who are captured by Wes Studi and his gang of Huron warriors. The rest of the movie revolves around how Daniel Day Lewis, his father Russell Means, and his brother Eric Schweig go about rescuing the Munro sisters.

As I have mentioned the movie features great outdoor shots, Daniel Day-Lewis is his usual excellent self, and ably supported by the beautiful Madeleine Stowe. The other cast members too perform well. One additional standout feature is the track I Will Find You by Clannad with its haunting melody and music. It is pictured against the backdrop of a waterfall and some breathtaking outdoors. All in all a great track featured in a great movie that you will enjoy immensely. Get the DVD, pop some popcorn in the microwave and kick back your feet and settle down for a good time at the movies with The Last Of The Mohicans.

Steven Waddington And Daniel Day-Lewis In The Last Of The Mohicans


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