6 years ago

What Kind Of A Person Are You?

There are basically three kinds of people. The first kind are those who have to keep doing something always. They are the busybodies. They just cannot sit still or keep still for any length of time. They are always up and about and doing something or fidgeting around. If nothing they will find something to clean or even go about cleaning something that has been cleaned recently only because they need something to do. The best way to deal with such people is to tell them to do something or ask them for something and that will keep them busy.

The second category are those who will tell others what to do, but never do it themselves. These are the lazy bodies. They will never actually do anything themselves, but will always be ever ready to tell others what to do. You can count on them for an opinion or for leadership skills.

The third and final kind are those who will say what happened? These are the nobodies. They are never aware of what is going on around them, they will never do anything in and of themselves and neither will they tell anybody else to do anything. When something does happen (and something always does) then they will react with a what happened?

So what kind of a person are you and where do you fit in?


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Ajith Edassery - 6 years ago

😆 I guess I am a busybody though I also tell people wha to do (don't think I am a good leader though). I like to keep doing things all the time but mostly along the programming/blogging side. However, busybodies in the computer/internet world doesn't qualify to be called so. They are just addicted!

Richael - 6 years ago

I also think I am a busybody, since the only time I sit still (or lie down) is when I go to sleep.

Rajiv - 6 years ago

Well my wife is a busybody and I'm the one telling her what to do…

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