6 years ago

When Will India Do An Israel?

Just recently I came across an article titled “Israel Its Time You F****** Stop This Genocide!!” on another blog. Well predictably everyone is hopping mad at Israel for their all out bombing of Palestine and Hamas’ hideouts and all terrorists in that area. Again, predictably lots of comments too condemning Israel and its actions. Ironical is it not? We are now at a stage in humanity where terrorists are correct and everyone else including a country like Israel is wrong for defending itself. What surprised me more was that the comments and articles flooding the internet are from many an Indian too. Really makes me wonder if such Indians cannot see what is happening in their own backyard with so many innocent Indians being killed in the name of terrorism. Nobody even speaks out for the common Indian who has been killed as recently as a couple of months ago in Mumbai by pakis. Why not? But we can find fault with what Israel is doing? How come guys? At least Israel is having the balls to do what it is doing. India with over 1 billion does not have the balls to do something similar and even more dumber is the fact that we Indians find fault with Israel. You might say what have innocent pakis or Palestinians done that they should be punished, bombed or killed? Well I say the same as every innocent Indian who has been killed by paki terrorists. Yeah I know all Muslims are not terrorists, but let me tell you all terrorists are Muslims (at least the idiots who are targeting innocents everywhere). You show me one Muslim who is not a terrorist and I will show you 10 Muslims who are terrorists. Got that!!! I don’t have anything against Muslims, but I do have everything against terrorists.

I for one am all out supporting Israel and will continue to do so and only wish someone in India has the balls to do something similar before the pakis come out with an all out attack on India. But alas if only wishes were horses.


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Kurt Avish - 6 years ago

Thank you for sharing your opinion.

Rajiv - 6 years ago

Only my personal opinion. Nothing against anyone personally…

Sidhu - 6 years ago

Ya sure. Go ahead and bomb whoever you think is a danger to you. Let there be no difference between you and those terrorist you loathe. Go ahead and bomb pakis and when they bomb you back I hope you and all illeterate minds like you are charred to death. I am an Indian and I beleive violence is not the answer. When someone dear to you will be killed in such attacks will you be crying about innocents bearing the brunt of all this and begging for it to stop!..Just my opinion..nothing against anyone!

Rajiv - 6 years ago


Even now I have the same point to make. Why is it that everyone is bothered about terrorists, pakis, etc. but not about their own countrymen? I mean how come no one ever said/says Bin Laden stop, Pervez Musharraf stop, Pakistan stop, Taliban stop. But everyone says Israel stop and now you want us Indians to continue to be bombed by pakis without retaliating. Really crazy I say. And it has nothing to do with my illiterate mind, mind you.

Nihar - 6 years ago

I don't agree with you. Yes, we need to be more tough on pakistanis but we can do the same as israel. You can't compare Hamas with Pakistan.

Rajiv - 6 years ago

Why not Nihar? Hamas is at least open about it and fighting for freedom. What freedom is Pakistan fighting for? Not their own. Instead they are doing covert terrorism and killing innocents.

Richael Neet - 6 years ago

Right on the spot! Israel is protecting its own borders to which it has historical rights to. Nobody condemned the Missiles flying from Gaza into Israel but everyone was concerned when Israel set out to protect itself. Where is your condemnation for Iran sponsoring terrorism, Syria harboring terrorists and Pakistani tribal areas defying human rights?

Rajiv - 6 years ago

Totally agree with you. You read my mind…

jennifer - 6 years ago

Thanks for this blog Rajiv. Atl last one Indian who makes sense!

Rajiv - 6 years ago

Ha ha Jennifer. Totally agree with you. It's very sad the way things are going about in this country.

rajesh - 6 years ago

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Indian - 6 years ago

I agree with you wholeheartedly my friend. Also remember, no true Hindu will ever support Hamas and Palestine. We are with Israel, because we share the same grief, the same enemy.


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