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Why Do Companies Cheat? Airtel Anyone?

As kids we are taught not to cheat, steal or lie. Right throughout our schooling the same is imparted to us time and again. Even during examinations invigilators are always hovering about to dissuade anyone from cheating. Why is it then that once we grow up we forget these things? What does one do when companies start to cheat and steal from their customers? In case you are wondering then let me assure you that I am not alone for the company in question i.e. Airtel as a cursory search query in Google will show you – Airtel Cheats, Airtel Steals, Airtel Lies.

Why Do Companies Cheat? Airtel Anyone?

By the way, I’ve been a long-term customer of Airtel and even presently hold an Airtel mobile connection but that’s only because of the dearth of choice to customers (more on that later). Recently I decided to go in for Airtel’s unlimited internet for Rs. 98 (up to 2GB/30 days) and immediately realized nothing had changed from the time I had stopped being an Airtel customer (about a year back) till again I had to come back for their unlimited internet. As soon as I began using Airtel (again) and put in a request for their unlimited internet plan whoa Airtel billed me twice in the span of 10 days and at the end of it the internet never even worked. Only Airtel can bill a customer twice and yet not provide the service. It took me a couple of emails and calls to the customer care before anyone even admitted there was a problem thanks to the really bad customer service provided by Airtel. In particular I would like to mention a Mr. Shiva Shankar who works out of Splendid Towers near Begumpet who was abusive, rude and dismissive of a customer like me who had a genuine problem. In talking to Mr. Shiva Shankar it became very obvious that he was a manager who knew very little English and had even less in terms of PR skills or even the basic knowledge to answer any queries (and yes he was a manager at Airtel). Probably the recession that made Airtel offer very less salaries or maybe the mantra at Airtel to maximize profits, but either way the quality of people in employment at Airtel leaves a lot to be desired and a very sour taste in terms of the customer’s experience.

Finally after many emails and calls to Airtel’s customer service I got about 4 days worth of internet for what essentially should have been 60 days/4GB considering I was billed twice but what can one do when no one at Airtel even admits there is a problem. I really wish I had Mr. Sunil Mittal’s personal email or mobile number but really doubt if that would accomplish much either.

In case you are wondering why I’m still using Airtel well its because they are the only ones who have GPRS/EDGE working all over town. I have always been a smartphone user and a smartphone needs a data connection that works.  I’ve tried others like Tata Docomo, Vodafone but none of them have seamless data coverage across town like Airtel does which is pretty much essential for my smartphone with its push email, LBS (location-based service), Google Maps Mobile, Nokia Ovi Maps with Voice Navigation and others alike not to mention internet browsing on the move. This is very similar to an AT&T user in the United States who has to pretty much live with AT&T’s bad coverage because they want to use the iPhone which is available only with AT&T.  So its pretty much complain and rant, but still continue to use. So likewise, I complain and rant, but have to use Airtel as the others will cause the phone to hang, the app to hang/close, or worse still the mobile phone to reboot.

Hopefully, 3G or 4G will be better from the other mobile providers and I can finally chuck Airtel for good. Hopefully!!!!

Rajiv Abraham

Android Game - 5 years ago

Oh this topic… Nice to visit your site. Wish you post another good topic like this. I will wait to read it.

Rajiv Abraham - 5 years ago

Nothing really nice to being ripped by a company actually.

Akgkarwi - 4 years ago

you are not the one and only recently i also had brunt of unsolicited service charges arbitrary deducted and when protested refused to refund thus cheating. this also because very few of us thinks of pulling them to a legal conclusive fight.

infact I am subscriber of several air tel numbers with in my family, one of that is prepaid number 9958057927, which was not in use since long even there was no balance against my account till today morning.

To day morning as soon as, I recharged my number an amount of Rs.30 have been deducted against friend service. When I contacted customer care center, I was told that that the service was activated on my number since 22 April. The same was told to have been provided on pushing some button while answering certain call. When I demanded cancellation of unsolicited service and refund of arbitrary deducted amount deducted on 2.09.10 for any unsolicited service in 22nd april, my call was transferred to some senior who refused to entertain refund of deduction. he also could not give the details of service used from my number, he was also not convinced as to if the same was not used by me how the same would have been solicited, whether for just paying the charges. infact, I never opted for any such service. Moreover, even if any children would have pushed any button, the same should have been discontinued; as such there was no balance since long.

This is not a question of deducting meager amount of Rs. 30/- but I feel cheated by a reputed service provider for unsolicited service. The same is also evident that the service was never I repeat never used from my number. Arbitrary deduction for unsolicited service has also caused mental agony to me. now i am pulling out all the other numbers. let the airtel be happy with Rs. 30/-

i have to look association with other service provider.

Rajiv Abraham - 4 years ago

Just cannot be helped. Go with Tata Docomo if internet is not an issue. In everything else they are better. But if you want GPRS/3G and are using a smartphone then you might have to wait till the end of the year or early next year for better alternatives.

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