6 years ago

Why Should We Buy (Or Not Buy) Korean Products?

Remember the Voltas A/C advertisement where a young girl would say “India ka A/C. Korea ka nahin” Well ever since I bought a Samsung mobile (many years ago) that conked out as soon as the warranty period was over I have developed a general mistrust of Korean companies and their products. This was consolidated even more with the advertisements like Team Samsung where half the Indian cricket team was selling Samsung products never mind the same Indian cricket team kept losing everywhere including the Cricket World Cup. The same goes for the so called LG Cricket Team too. I mean which company will use cricketers to sell TVs and other consumer products. Like do Indian cricketers even know anything about these products to even endorse them or is it just the loads of money they make endorsing such products and that is all that matters to them?

Anyway to get back to my story, such instances only consolidated my disbelief in Korean companies like Samsung and LG or even Hyundai for that matter and I have never purchased myself or aided anyone else in the purchase of products from a Korean company. I have instead preferred and endorsed Japanese, European, and even American companies and their products in the worst case scenario where an Indian product was not available. Well against my better judgment I ended up purchasing an LG Fully Automatic Washing Machine around a week ago. On the very same day we also purchased a Semi Automatic Videocon Washing Machine. Videocon is an Indian Multinational Company to those who are not aware. Today is the 6th day and no one from LG has shown up yet to come and fix the washing machine. I have even lodged a complaint with LG with the complaint number 606200952015, but to state the obvious nothing has been done yet. The Videocon was setup and is up and running from the very same day of delivery. That is the difference between an Indian company and a Korean company and yet again I stand justified in my distrust of Korean companies and their products. I shudder to think what will happen if there is some problem and we need to call servicing for repair. Imagine being without washed clothes for 6 days or more till servicing even comes and then some more for repair and fixing. How will the adults go to work and the kids to school?

My last recourse now is to return the unopened LG Washing Machine and have it exchanged for a fully automatic washing machine from Videocon or Godrej, or maybe I will end up at a consumer court. In the meanwhile if any LG personnel should show up perhaps I will end up biting their head off. Be Indian and buy Indian or else settle for Japanese, American or even European, but be wary of the Koreans.

Please excuse my ranting but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.


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Rajib Ghosh - 6 years ago

Same goes here. My woes with Korean products goes all the way to 1998 when I bought my first mobile phone (samsung). I have bought over 4 Samsung mobile phones which promptly died soon after the warranty expired. Since then, I have switched over to Motorola/Sony-Ericsson mobile phones. The SE phones in particular seem to work really well.

The lone LG refrigerator (165 Ltr) I bought, developed cracks in body (inside) and the ice-compartment door broke off – well within warranty. Instead of wasting my time with LG Support, I got rid of it and bought myself a Whirlpool refrigerator (260 Ltr).

The only Korean products that seem to work reasonably well are the shitty phones that Reliance sources from LG/Samsung. Software bugs aside, the phones seem to work well beyond their warranty period.

Ajith Edassery - 6 years ago

I hate Korean brands. In my whole life I have decided not to buy Hyundai vehicles, LG/Samsung products (except for the monitors).

Having said that I must admit that the beautycare products/tools from Korea are pretty good. I think, most of us are invariably using the BELL brand of nail trimmers for ages now. They are pretty good :)

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