6 years ago

World War At Home?

Well it happens to everyone sooner rather than later. This is one instance I cannot say better late than never. But discord between humans happens all the time? As kids we watch our parents fight. We fight with our siblings. As grownups we fight with our friends and colleagues and even total strangers on the streets (yeah street fighting). Before marriage with our girlfriends and boyfriends and after marriage with our husbands and wives. What do I do when my wife attacks me? Well like all men I duck for cover and run for my life. Jokes aside how does one deal with it? How does one even avoid it or make sure it does not happen again? What are the steps to be taken to prevent it from happening again?

Well to cut a long story short we need to realize first and foremost that it’s not the other person’s fault. Yes you heard me right, the other person is not at fault. Before we proceed let me ask you why did the Lord Jesus Christ come? Well in His own words “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” from John 10:10. The preceding verse says why the devil comes “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.” So if there is stealing, killing and destruction taking place in your life its all from the devil and not the Lord Jesus Christ who has only come to give us all life and that too life in abundance. It goes to say if you are not enjoying life and life in abundance then it’s because the Lord Jesus Christ is missing from your life. It goes to say the other way too that all problems and suffering are from the devil and are his works. The thing is the devil does not have the authority to physically assault you. If he did then you would have been dead by now, that’s the plain truth. The devil cannot work in the physical realm and cannot come and stick a knife in you. If he could he would, there is no doubt about it. He cannot do it because he does not have authority over the physical realm. Then how does the devil assault us? Well through our thoughts in the mental realm. Paul said in Ephesians 6 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Our struggle and our fight is not against flesh and blood, it’s not against humans. Once we realize this and start acting on this, satan will lose all his power against us. Next time you have a human being attack you or your peace, do not retaliate. Instead retaliate with praying in the spirit and confessing the Word of God. Just realize it’s not the person’s fault, but it’s satan who has a hold over that person’s mind and their thought life. It’s equally important that we too pay attention to our thought life and renew our minds with the Word of God. Thoughts of anger and hate will only make us sullen and behave in a bad mood especially towards others. Similarly, thoughts of peace and goodwill will make us happy and behave in a buoyant mood especially towards others. Controlling one’s thought life and how to renew one’s mind with the Word of God is another topic and another blog post for another time. For now realize that humans behave the way they do because of what’s dominating their thought life. It is satan who will impress thoughts of hate, anger and fear amongst other things in a person’s life and that’s what causes humans to behave in the manner they do. Realize this and next time you have another person and especially a family member hopping mad or even mildly irritated at you remember it’s not the person’s fault, it’s satan who is responsible. Choose to not retaliate against the person and instead choose to retaliate with praying in the spirit and by confessing God’s Word and victory will always be yours. This will also diffuse a potentially volatile situation and keep the peace at home.


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