7 years ago

You Are What You Are! You Manifest On The Outside What You Are On The Inside!

Character never changes is one of my favorite quotes. Now I don’t mean that a person cannot change and that his or her character cannot be changed. Of course it can change by putting in the right effort and doing the right thing. This quote of mine is something I have learnt about people. Character of a person is the same in every area and does not change from area to area is what I mean by this quote. In other words a person who is a liar and lies very easily to everyone cannot remain truthful with his/her family or loved ones. He/she will also lie and lie very easily to his/her own family members and/or loved ones. This is so because like I have stated character does not change and a person remains true to his/her character in every area and cannot manifest different character/behavior in different areas. That’s just not possible and never works out that way. A person might put on an act and show that he/she is different to different people, but then again his/her character is at work here and the person is not being genuine or truthful at all, but rather putting on an act for others. One can be sure this act will come to an end as soon as the person has achieved whatever he/she needs and there is no longer any need or reason to put on an act.

This very same rule applies not only to our outside and the world surrounding us, but it also applies to the inside of us like in our thoughts, emotions, our makeup, the person we really are on the inside, etc. Similarly, what is there on the inside of us will only manifest on the outside too. The Bible puts it like this from Proverbs 23:7 “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. In other words what you are on the inside or what goes on actually on the inside of you is what you actually are and the same manifests on the outside too. To put it in plain English if you think you can do it then you will end up doing it. However, if your thoughts are of not being able to do it and of defeat then you will not do it, no matter how much effort you put in or how hard you try since you have already decided the outcome in your mind even before you began. Think like a winner and you will be a winner. Think like a loser and you will be a loser. Now to get to the meat of what I want to say, if this works in one area then it will also work in other areas or better still will work in all areas. If you think abundance and think you are prosperous then that’s exactly what you will have and be. Think of lack and of not having enough or of not having anything at all then that’s exactly what you will have too. Think you are healthy and that’s what you will be. Think you are sick and that’s what you will be. Medicine in fact has proved beyond doubt that our thoughts do really make us physically sick. From when I have discovered this I have never had a headache! Read that again!!! Previously my thoughts would be I have a headache and I need a tablet. Now my thoughts are I am healed from all headaches, by the stripes of Jesus I was healed. Now you might find this hard to believe but the placebo effect is well documented even by modern medicine. People believe they are taking medicine, but in reality are given sugar pills by their doctor and yet they get totally healed. That’s the power of the mind to even influence and heal the body of its ailments. This same principle works in all areas and I can attest to it from my own personal experience. Now it’s up to you to make a choice and put it into practice so that you too can attest to it from your own personal experience.

A couple of points to be noted here. You need to be clear that what you think on or focus on in your mind is what will manifest outside. This means that you need to focus your thoughts or dwell on what you want and not on what you don’t want. If you are in debt then thinking of that debt will only further manifest or bring to the fore or even increase the debt. If getting out of debt is really what you need then you need to focus on prosperity and need to have thoughts like I am prospering, I am doing well financially, etc. The same holds true in the area of health too. Thinking of the problem will not make it go away. Thinking of the solution will. Now I am not stating that you should ignore or deny the existence of a problem. However, I am asking you to focus your thoughts and your energy on the solution and not the problem since what you need is the solution and not the problem. Remember always that “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” i.e. if you think prosperity then prosperous you will be. If you think of debt or lack then you will find yourself in debt and find lack. The key is to think of and focus on the solution so it will manifest since that’s what we all want.


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