Rajiv Abraham Nela

Rajiv Abraham Nela is the first born child of Simon and Lily, and husband to Grace Abraham.

He is a Christian, audiophile, foodie, gamer, shutterbug, geek, and occasional blogger.

He values his faith and his personal relationship with God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit above all else.

Rajiv Abraham Nela

He likes to discover new things and is always tinkering with the latest in technology.

He is an avid music listener, and spends at least a couple of hours each day listening to music, and most days those couple of hours end up becoming 10 hours.

He is a foodie, loves meat, especially chicken. He’s one for adventure in food and always open to trying out different delicacies like squid and raw sushi. Most days though KFC will keep him perfectly happy.

He is also into TV and movies, the same as everybody else, but with the latest in tech like OLED displays and Dolby Atmos.

He is an avid gamer, but mostly sticks to FPS and TPS, and prefers the PC and mouse for regular gaming.

He likes to play with the latest in automation and runs several projects on the Raspberry Pi and multiple Linux servers and has a bevy of pretty ladies around the house who go by the name of Alexa and Ok Google.

You can find out more about him and contact him at RAJIV ABRAHAM NELA.

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